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Right On Time is not responsible for damage occurring during shipping. We are only responsible for the watch while it is in our possession and not while in transit to and from our facility. We suggest packing your watch very securely and insuring the watch for its full value. Return shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made. Insurance is not included on return shipping but is available for an additional $5. If a watch is sent with or in a box (other than the shipping box) there will be an additional $10 charge to cover the cost of shipping the box back. If the customer refuses the $10 charge the box will be discarded.


Unless other arrangements are made, watches will be returned to the customer if no reply is received within 30 days of attempting to contact the customer. If services have been performed on the watch and the customer is unreachable, the watches are no longer the responsibility of Right On Time after 60 days of no response from the customer. Once 60 days have passed from the initial attempt to contact the customer the watches will be considered abandoned and may be sold to recoup repair costs. We will make 3 attempts to contact the customer during the 60 day period.

Estimate/Repair Approval

Once your watch has been received and evaluated you will be contacted via email with an estimate. If the estimate is declined the watch will be returned to you in unrepaired condition. There is a $20 fee (per watch) for declined repair estimates. This covers inspection of the watch and return shipping. Watches will not be returned until this fee is paid. If the estimate is approved then this fee is not charged. This does not apply to pre-quoted repairs. The decision to approve the estimate is final and cannot be changed once approved. By agreeing to the estimate you agree to pay up to the amount of the estimate when payment is requested upon completion of the repair.


Watches will not be returned to the customer until payment for the services performed is received. Acceptable forms of payment are Debit / Credit Card (Via Square), Check (by mail) and PayPal. Payment will be requested via a Square invoice upon completion of the repair.
Depending on the nature of the repair job partial payment may be required in advance (special ordering parts, etc.)  If payment is not received after 60 days of requesting payment, Right On Time is no longer responsible for the watches submitted for repair and they will be considered abandoned.