Parts are available for Seiko, Orient, Vostok and some Citizen watches

Due to the nature of the job there may be additional costs. These can include finding or manufacturing replacement parts, complex movements including chronographs and automatics, or other services that are not usually required. These jobs usually take 2-5 weeks but may take longer due to ordering and finding parts.

Movement Service




Other services include

(But are not limited to)

We offer many refinishing services such as:

-Gold plating


-Scratch and dent removal

When gaskets fail due to age or extreme conditions moisture can seep into the watch. This can cause damage to the dial, movement, and hands. This damage can usually be repaired through careful cleaning of the movement and other parts. If the part cannot be repaired, replacement parts are usually available from most major brands.

Watches & Watch Repairs

Right On Time

Maintenance is necessary on any watch. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your watch by decades. It is recommended as a preventative measure. Having your watch serviced is similar to having the oil changed in a car. It keeps everything lubricated and running smoothly.

  • Battery replacement
  • Capacitor replacement for Kinetic or Solar watches
  • Band replacement
  • Watch bracelet repair
  • Crystal replacement and refinishing
  • Mainspring replacement
  • Balance repair and replacement
  • Stem and crown repair or replacement
  • Re-Luming dials and hands
  • Link removal and band sizing
  • Clasp replacement and repair
  • Movement replacement and conversion
  • Gasket replacement
  • Timing adjustment
  • Bezel enamel and lume replacement
  • Dial Refinishing*
  • Custom Cut Crystals*

*Indicates service performed by an off site specialist. Facilitated and prepped by Right On Time Watches

Water Damage Repair